Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Blog, New Yarn

As I begin my journey as an indie dyer, I am excited about the opportunities I'm creating for myself and hopeful for what they may bring. But I'll keep my speech short and show the new yarn, instead:

These colorways comprise my steampunk series. From left to right, they are: hot air balloon, victorian gothic, rose-colored goggles, antique corset, and pipeworks. Of course, they are available in my shop.


  1. So first I saw your yarns on etsy, and fell in love with the Buffy series. Then I found your banner on rav and fell in love with them on your colorways page, followed them to the etsy shop, and realized they were the same ones. Do you ever plan on redying them, or making a more complete line with all the Scoobies, or maybe a few expressing the evolution of the characters?